Rental Day Is from 8:30 am until 10:00 am the following day. Rentals picked up after 3:00 pm will be billed from 8:30 am the following day.

Late Returns

Equipment returned after 10:00 am will be charged an additional rental fee of 1/2 the base rate.

Weekend Rate

Pickup anytime on Friday and return on Monday before 10:00 am for the one day rate.


Insurance is the responsibility of the Renter. Any damage or loss is at the expense of the Renter. Clutch Camera is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, inconvenience, or loss caused by product failure. Proof of adequate insurance coverage may be requested at time of pickup. The renter will also be charged a rental fee for the time period in which damaged equipment is out for repair, or until payment is received for replacement of equipment.


All equipment is examined and tested prior to and directly after each rental to ensure that your shoot is successful and free of unexpected problems. All problems with equipment must be reported immediately to Clutch Camera to be considered for adjustment.


It is the customer’s responsibility to determine that the rented equipment is suitable for his needs and that it is compatible with any equipment that will be used with it. The customer is solely responsible for any damage to his equipment and to the rental equipment due to such incompatibilities.


A deposit for the full replacement cost of the equipment is required unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Spare Bulbs or Batteries

Spare modeling lamps and batteries will be provided upon request. A charge will be incurred for missing or broken lamps or batteries. (burned lamps/batteries must be returned to avoid charge).

Shipping Information

Renter Pays for shipping costs (Both Ways)
Days in Transit are included in your rental days.
Rentals that are Shipped Overnight should be shipped back to Clutch Camera Overnight.
Renter is responsible for full replacement value of item if lost or damaged while in transit or in Renters possession.